Municipal Facilities

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Municipal Facilities


Ramallah municipality provides its services and cultural and social programs to the society through its main facilities that include the municipality building, public services centers, cultural and entertainment facilities, and libraries which aim at improving the level of services provided to the public on the one side, and the level of cultural and social awareness and supporting initiatives, activities and creative people on the other. This system constitutes a method serving the municipality in cultural, social and services areas, as well as in creating an environment capable of absorbing the programs and activities of the city through communication with the different categories of the society and providing them with its services.

Ramallah municipality is well aware of the developmental renaissance, social growth and urbanization in Ramallah, thus it developed its public services and facilities to absorb this social transformation and provide the municipality services to the public in all areas in order to keep up with this development in an attempt to be formerly prepared for such developments. The municipality used a large portion of its properties in order to establish such facilities that are mentioned in this section in accordance with the different fields.

We aim through this section to introduce Ramallah municipality facilities that receive thousands of people over the years. We welcome you to these facilities that are the living pulse of Ramallah through the activities of children and youth in arts and culture.