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External Networking

 During the past six years, Ramallah municipality has seen great international activity through hosting delegations or invitations received by the municipality to participate in international activities (conferences, workshops, bilateral meetings… etc.). This enormous international activity was highlighted by the municipality signing several agreements and MOUs with a number of international cities, which contributed to promoting Ramallah municipality’s international network of relations and promoting Ramallah as a city and municipality on the international level.

The municipality succeeded in building bridges of communication with the world, through which it promoted Palestine and the Palestinian cause internationally. It also affirmed that the Palestinian people are characterized by perseverance to continue life and face the numerous challenges imposed on them by the Israeli occupation. Ramallah municipality is a great example on such perseverance, as it raised the voice of life over the occupation through speaking and participating in international events and global conferences about the situation of Palestinians in general and the challenges facing local councils within the Israeli occupation over Palestinian land in particular. This was in line with its strategic vision to promote the status of Ramallah locally, regionally and internationally.

The municipality provided strenuous efforts to intensify its activity in terms of external networking. It also intensified its presence on the international arena through signing several agreements and MOUs with international cities, as well as participating in international conferences and workshops held at foreign countries, through which it was able to network with international institutions, represent Palestine and shed light on both the political and social aspects of the Palestinian cause. This contributed not only to expanding the municipality’s network of international relations, but also to mapping all types of financial, moral and technical support for a number of important projects in the city.

Ramallah municipality was able to reap the fruits of this broad network of relations through signing twinings and memorandums of understanding and cooperation with several international municipalities and international and Arab institutions. Ramallah municipality translated these broad relations into different projects including infrastructure, lighting, planning, as well as projects involving maintaining cultural heritage , in addition to social and cultural activities.