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Ramallah Recreational Complex


Ramallah Recreational Complex is located in a vital area that has a beautiful geographical nature in Ein Al-Karzem block in Ramallah on a 7.5 dunum land, it is connected to main transportation lines and public entertainment and social sites. The complex includes indoor playgrounds, arenas, services buildings, youth institutions and parking lots. Ramallah municipality established the recreational complex based on international standards for indoor and outdoor playgrounds that are equipped for the use of people with disabilities. The complex, which cost around four million dollars, represents Ramallah municipality’s desire to provide an infrastructure that is capable of absorbing local and external sporting and cultural activities within a network of areas able to provide complete performance and promote sporting and cultural development in the local community of Ramallah.

The foundation stone was placed in 2009, where the implementation was done in five phases:

The first phase: IBSA sports center, which includes an indoor playground that serves multiple uses with an area of 1010m2 that was designed based on international standards. This center serves several sports such as: basketball, volleyball, handball, football/soccer, gymnastics and other sports. The arena also includes a stadium that seats around 400 people. The center was the result of partnership between Ramallah municipality and IBSA Dialogue Forum (India, Brazil and South Africa) which funded the center, and it was implemented by UNDP.

The second phase: outdoor playgrounds and areas, which include a 540m2 outdoor playground that serves a number of sports such as: basketball, volleyball, handball, and tennis in addition to a stadium that seats around 200 people. This playground will be allocated for amateurs and families. This phase also includes equipping outdoor areas and green areas where people can sit and stroll.

The third phase: the Paralympics Center, which is a sports center aiming at integrating people with disabilities in the society. The first phase of the center was completed by the Paralympics Committee, and work has started on finalizing the internal works in the center in order to open it in the next few months.

The fourth phase includes a building that will host headquarters for Ramallah Youth Club and Young Artists Forum through the support of UNDP, in addition to a floor that will include halls for multiple uses serving civil society institutions and the different activities and events of the residents of the area.

The fifth and final phase will be to establish an outdoor park in the area behind the the Paralympics Center.

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